Saturday, June 12, 2010

Good PR

Ok so.  Today is Joel's day off AND it's Seafest in Prince Rupert and everyone says you should go to Prince Rupert if only for the drive.  So we went to PR, and drove all the way there in this.

But!  We drove home in this:

It absolutely dumped rain during the parade, but it was still totally worth sitting through if only for this guy:

And it's not a festival unless you're eating something on a stick.

Also, there were free donuts.  What?

[Not pictured: second go-round of free donuts.]

Also, Joel got some delicious (allegedly) salmon

and I got a delicious crepe.

And Joel got to stand by some shiny cars

And I got to pet a horse

and Joel ended up in the dog house

but I ended up in the naughty chair

So, you know.  Fun for everyone.

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Anonymous said...

i do miss you lady!