Friday, June 18, 2010

Ees about time!!!

I am a licensed driver! I will finally be having my sweet sixteen party now, you can all come to disco bowling and we'll have pizza and cream soda. I can fit, like, twelve people in my parents' mini van, if you double-up on seatbelts.

Ok for real, though. After twelve years of being That Girl, the one that you always have to pick up, I can drive myself to come visit you now. Except I'm in Terrace. Which was looking suspiciously like Victoria this morning between 8:30 and 9:15, cyclists around every turn. But I didn't hit any of them! And I only ran amber lights when it was too dangerous to stop, and I shoulder-checked like a shoulder-checking dervish, and I only forgot to take off the e-brake once.

And THEN, as I'm pulling out of the parking lot on my first ever solo drive I almost get nailed by a senior citizen coming in to be recertified. Circle of life, my friends. For every license given, one must be taken away.


T.Y. said...

Congrats! I was That Girl until I was 21. Now I'm That Girl who can't drive freeway because her reflexes aren't fast enough. I didn't know you used to be That Girl too! Can you feel the bond?

Mum said...

Yay! Yay! Yay! So proud of you! Love Auntie Lois for giving you precious time to practice. So grateful that she was there for you! Joel too. Let the celebrations begin!

Anonymous said...

kay, I know i'm really late on this, but just read up on your blog and noticed this posting...congrats! that is huge! enjoy your freedom :)