Saturday, April 30, 2011

From highnesses to hicks.

Shannon PVR'd the Royal Wedding so we could watch it last night instead of yesterday at some ungodly hour, and so we could fastforward through the boring bits (i.e. most of it) and pause on all the hats.  HATS!


I love a good wedding, especially one that I can attend in my jeggings and don't have to buy a gift for, and I love pomp and circumstance.  Where are the trumpets to announce MY entrance?

We made our own wedding feast of bangers and mash (except we don't really know what that is so we had sausage and potatoes and called it good) and royal-engagement-ring-themed tarts.

Ehh?  Anyone?

And then today Chelsea took me out driving in her truck because I need to learn to drive standard or be forever housebound and it wasn't the worst because Chelsea is very like my aunt Lois (i.e. calm and instructy) and driving a truck feels very badass.

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