Monday, March 30, 2015

An embarrassment of squashes

Did we never talk about how my garden went down in the end? Eleanor and I were planting seeds in egg cartons today, and that made me think of it.

Remember my two little windowsquashes?

And then I planted them in Squash City and basically everything else back there died? But those two became like Secret of the Ooze and I forgot them there in the corner and then in late August Joel was like, Hey, go harvest your squash. I went in and pulled out maybe a dozen rull big ones. Oops.

I made a squash/sausage (squashage?) corn chowder. That's one squash down.

I made double batches each of squash-lemon-poppy seed muffins

and chocolate-squash muffins. Another four squash gone. Eleanor and I had squash pancakes for supper when Joel was gone, and they were not terrible. And then I just started putting squash in stuff. Squash in the stir fry, squash in the roasted balsamic tomato pasta.

And then I went back there and like half a dozen more little ones had sprung up, so I picked them and roasted them and made my family eat them.

One squash plant.

Many much squashes. I will probably plant another one this year, because even though we don't love them, they grow like gangbusters and it's very, very satisfying.


blackbird said...

We'd kill that plant in a week.

leahandmichael said...