Saturday, March 14, 2015

Giraffes and puddles and pie and things.

It's Saturday! Joel was home! He hasn't had a day off in two weeks, so we were pleased to have him.

And there was an expo on, so obviously our plans were made.

Nobody sits quite so still. 'I'm the TALLEST giraffe in the room!'

Eleanor got her nails painted by Anna, whom she insists on referring to, collectively with Elsa, as 'Frozen.'

I tried to get her to take a picture with Snow White and Merida, but she got weirdly shy. Whatever, I have this other kid.

Eleanor showed no shyness around Minnie Mouse, though.

Or Elmo.

Or this CareBear, who I think is Tenderheart.

Or lion mascot?

Anyway. One day I'mma take this girl to Disneyland and she is going to EAT IT UP. For now we're stuck with our various festivals and expos and their ever-present bouncy castles.

Oh hey, Geneva. I see you've won out against the sock.

And then we came home and made giraffey faces.

Hey again, Geneva.

And Joel had to go study, but it was 10 degrees so after naps, we went for a walk to the park, for a picnic. Puddles is errrrwhere.

And I ill-advisedly let Eleanor dangle from the swings into this obviously super deep puddle, and it was fun until it wasn't fun.

Snowmelt got into her rainsuit, into her boots, soaking her from the mid-thigh down. She was pretty sad about it.

For real, though, she was pretty sad about it. And the park is in the middle of a field, and the snow in the field is still pretty deep and it's SLUSHY, so pushing the bike trailer through it is undoable. You have to go around and pull it from the front wheel, like it's a literal chariot and you are the horse, but I couldn't even do that much with both girls in it. BUT Eleanor refused to walk to the path because she was too soggy, so there I am, pulling the trailer 10 feet and then going back and getting Eleanor and bringing her up and putting her down and then pulling the trailer another 10 feet, and a lovely couple passes by and they're like, Are you ok? And I'm like, OH YES I AM FINE. No. Wait. No I am not. Please help. So they pulled the trailer and I carried Eleanor and we made it out alive and then we went to the coffee shop for pie because it is March 14th. Pie day.


Eleanor was miserable in her wet pants, so before we had pie, I changed her into the spares I keep in the diaper bag. But I don't keep spare socks or boots or rainsuits around, so I wrapped her bare feet in the stroller blanket and took the insert out of my jacket and put her in that, and topped her with my scarf.

Hoorah, hooray, oh what a day.


blackbird said...

Ingenuity saves the day!

Vasilly said...

What a day! It amazes me how much you do with the girls. I remember when my kids were that age, going to the park and library was an adventure. We'll see what happens when this new baby gets here. ;-)

I love how Eleanor isn't afraid of people in furry costumes like Elmo or whoever. My kids, as old as they are, still don't like being around costumed creatures.

kt said...

You win the Mom of the Week Award!
Happy Pi day-radius!

Reading Rambo said...


...this is mainly so I will not look creepy as I get super-excited by everything there.

leahandmichael said...

gurrrrl, what a day!