Saturday, March 07, 2015

Sun's out, tongues out.

Geneva Wren literally just figured out how her tongue works. She's been 'la la'ing all day. La la in the morning in my bed, la la at the grocery store, la la while Eleanor napped and we played. 

La la at the park. 

La la at supper. 

La la in the bath. 

SPEAKING OF THE PARK THOUGH. Even if it's nice out in like January, by the time everyone wakes up from their naps, it's dark. But we were at the park at 4:30 this evening!

'I'm sitting in the sunshine! Like a CAT.'

Too warm for snowsuits. Geneva and I were bare-handed. Eleanor only had mitts on because she's always climbing things. 

OMG, look how tall my child is. What are you doing on that teeny toddler playground, Eleanor. Go play on the big slide. 

Like this? Yes. 


Again? So many agains. Again EVERY day. 

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