Saturday, March 28, 2015

Palm Springs adventuring!

Ok so even though we had this backyard pool, and the girls would have had the Best Vacation Ever if we had just pooled all day, every day, we actually did THINGS in Palm Springs! With and without the childrens!

We went to the night market!

We had street tacos!

Geneva had like a three-minute nap and then was awake for the rest of the evening!

We had a chocolate-covered waffle on a stick!

Eleanor danced with a lion!

But she did NOT want to go hug him, because his mouth was open and he might eat her. (Also, for the remainder of the trip she referred to that orange dress as her 'lion-dancing dress.')

We wandered home around 8:30, only to find that we were locked out of our house and the keypad wasn't working. Geneva was STILL AWAKE and the house owner was half an hour away and everyone was ragged and we were still recovering from the previous day of travel, and then somebody jimmied the patio door open and everyone went to bed, hooray.

We went for a ladies brunch! Look at all these ladies we have!

Eleanor and I had the waffle with malted banana mousse, peanuts, brulee'd banana, and candied tangerines. It was ridiculous.

Eleanor was delighted by this macrame'd elephant above our table.

We left the kids napping with the dads and went thrift shopping! And pulled over at this hilarious sign, where we ended up buying a bunch of things, so good work getting us in the store, sign!

It was a super well-curated little consignment shop, and I bought an adorable blue-and-white polka dot dress for $15. The lady was all like, Oh yes, that's a coat I bought in New York and never wore, that was part of my wedding dress, that was a puzzle from when I was little. Basically we bought up all her memories.

We went to the street market!

Eleanor and I petted the friendliest corgi!

I bought a mom-hat!

We had an ice cream bar with toffee bits!

Geneva did baby things!

We went to have brunch and watch a polo match!

Eleanor ate all my hash browns and Geneva ate like half my eggs!

The girls petted a polo pony!

We went to Costco because twelve people eat an unimaginable amount of food. The girls ate every sample they could get their hands on.

I did not buy this comical Costco bottle of wine because $80 but I DID take a novelty photo with it.


Look at that camel, carrying us all. Good work, camel.

We petted things.

And sat on things.

And when everyone was well and truly worn out, we were like, Let's go ten minutes out of our way for some In-N-Out burger! Only we didn't count on the drive-thru line-up so it ended up being an extra hour BUT we didn't have to feed the girls lunch when we got home, and the babies were in the other car so we didn't have to deal with them. WIN WIN.

We abandoned the littles with their grandparents and went out for Mexican food like grown-ups and I got enchiladas because duh.

I ate them while they were hot, and I didn't share them with anybody, and it was incredible. My life is amazing.


blackbird said...

I love the way Eleanor eats, and I love you...but mostly Eleanor. Eating. And making that face with her EYES.

kt said...


leahandmichael said...

sooooo happy

(and tired right now....)