Thursday, March 05, 2015

Stuck in the middle (of the Target parking lot) with you

WAIT. Did I not tell you about my adventure last Wednesday. Oh man.

My biggest Saskatchewan fear is that I'll go to my car and it won't start. My SECOND biggest fear is my key fob not working and my car not opening and me and my girls being stuck in the Target parking lot at like NOON and everyone is starving and ready for a nap and it's -28 and I just want to go hooooooooome but the battery in the fob is dead and DO YOU SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING?

Anyway. Opening the car with the key just set off the alarm and froze the ignition, so I went back into the Target and bought a new battery (which was a miracle because they are liquidating like crazy and had, like four batteries left) and changed it right there in the electronics section because I am COMPETENT like an ADULT and then that didn't work, so I burst into tears and texted my dad. Like ya do.

And so he kept texting back with suggestions and I kept going out and then back into the Target between suggestions because it was so. cold. and we were dressed for car-to-mall trips, not standing outside for tens of minutes, and Joel offered to come pick us up in his teeny car and take us home but finally dad figured out that if you open the car with the key and then start the ignition two or three times, it should override the alarm and start the car.

And then Geneva pooped up her back because what is my life, but I didn't even CARE, I took my girls home and fed them and Eleanor spent all of lunch going Thank you, Papa. You rescued us because we were stuck.

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