Thursday, March 26, 2015

Home again, home again.

We just got back from Palm Springs (about more which anon. Eight grown-ups! Four littles! A Bogey-dog! All in one house. Hijinx ensue) and our travel day was a disaster.

Our original flight, ok no. Our original original flight was at, like, 8 am, Palm Springs to Denver, Denver to Saskatoon, but then United cancelled their Denver to Saskatoon flights, and switched us to a 6 am Palm Springs to Denver, Denver to Calgary, Calgary to Saskatoon. Ugh so many flights with small children.

But then (after we got up at 4 and flew from Palm Springs to Denver), our plane sat on the tarmac in Denver for an hour, being de-iced or whatever. We deplaned in Calgary and I was like, I can't believe we have one more flight to go, this is the worst. 

FAMOUS LAST WORDS, my dudes, because the hour delay and having to pick up our bags and go through Canadian customs meant that we missed our 4:30 connection, and the next flight wasn't until 11:30pm.

AND THEN ALL THE LIGHTS IN THE AIRPORT WENT OUT. Total power outage for, like, half an hour, and we sat there in the dark and laughed and laughed because how does this even. But the lights came back on, the Calgary airport has like six play places, Geneva fell asleep and Eleanor ruled the empty roost and somehow we killed seven hours.

And then we landed in Saskatoon just before 1am, and Joel went to get the car, and the girls wept with rage and frustration while I stuffed them into hoodies and hats. We are being gentle with ourselves today, taking our time and allowing for flares of temper and sad moments and long naps. We were glad to have gone but we are so, so glad to be home.

(I tried to barter for the 8:30pm WestJet flight, but United doesn't partner with them, and doesn't take responsibility for things like de-icing that are caused by the weather. We thought about getting a hotel for the night and flying out in the morning, but when 6:30 came and went I thought, We would have been home by now, and imagined how I'd feel in the morning if I knew I could be waking up in my bed but had to fly another flight instead. So we powered through.)


kt said...

Oy, Gawd, well-done you all. Phew.

blackbird said...

Was that a climbing structure over a hard cold tile floor?

Sending love.

And energy.