Friday, March 27, 2015

Palm Springs pool party

So. We went to Palm Springs. The trip there was excellent, even though we had to leave the house at 4am, because Eleanor is turning into a solid little traveler. At the airport:

At the gate:

On the flight:

Geneva cat-napped during the first flight, crawled around the airport for the 3-hour layover, and then slept the entire second flight, and was awake and frisky for the last one. It was the literal best it could have been, except when the dude beside me on the long flight wouldn't move up to an empty seat because he 'liked the window.' And the flight attendant and I are both like, *eyebrows* but he was maybe 21 and obviously had no idea how much harder it is to fly with an infant in your lap. WELL HE HAS AN IDEA NOW because I sort of didn't contain her crying, and breastfed half in his lap, and generally let her kick him until she fell asleep (and then he fell asleep, and I'm like, WHAT DO YOU NEED THE WINDOW FOR YOU ARE SLEEPING ALSO YOU DO NOT GET THIS ARMREST I NEED IT).

And then we got to the house and everyone was there waiting and we had a pool in the backyard and Eleanor got RIGHT INTO IT and that pool was the best, because the cousins were just IN IT and ON IT and AROUND IT at all times.

We got each of the older girls a swim buddy, and the younger ones a floaty space pod thingy, and then one grown-up could wrangle ALL FOUR if they had to.

We also got some bubble wands, which turned out to be super hard to blow bubbles from

AND a giant duck that deflated after the first day.

Can't all be winners. Eleanor would put on every floaty she could find, and then jump off the top stair into the pool.

Suddenly on the second-last day, she gave in to our coaxing to jump off the side, and then you couldn't STOP her jumping off the side.

Geneva was iffy on the pool, but game about the noodles.

On the last day, we didn't plan any activities for the day, we just let the girls swim all morning and then have lunch by the pool and then swim again all afternoon. We still had to drag them out by their toes at the end of the day.

Leetle fishes.

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Drew Watts said...

How lovely kiddo! Loved watching their photographs. I also have two kids and I know how difficult it is to travel with them. Last year we had to visit Chicago to check out few party venue rentals for my sister’s engagement party and took kiddos with us. It was really tough to manage with them!