Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The weather is saving our collective butts.

WARMTH. It is warm out. Our snowmen are looking terrible these days.

I feel like so much of my life depends upon the weather since having kids. Tuesdays are usually our library days, but Josie had a childcare emergency so we had Logan over this morning.

My house is big enough for two toddlers and a baby but only just, and only for like an hour so good thing that park is so close by.

How do people with twin toddlers and a baby, or three-under-three, how do they do it?

I mean, logistically. Because I had to wear Geneva so I could hold two kid-hands, because every evening the sidewalks are swamps, and every morning they are skating rinks and it is perilous death to go anywhere and sometimes you just walk in the street because it's safer.

And Logan stops because Lookit! Das some ICE! And he wants to stomp on it. And I get him going again but now Eleanor wants to stop because this is the house with the reindeer on the porch and do we all see the reindeer? Because there he is.

Anyway, we went to the park. And Josie and I keep trying to marry off our kids but we've already decided Eleanor and Tyler can't get married because they're both too rule-followy and analytical, and if we phoned them to chat they'd be like, But mom(s), you didn't TEXT me to let me know you were going to PHONE me today. I need to know AHEAD of time.

But it's possible that Eleanor and Logan shouldn't get married either, although it might just be the age.  It might just be that three-year-olds and almost-three-year-olds are in a constant state of being butthurt about something.

They had SOME fun, though. Mostly fun. It's a touchy age, but it's also an age that holds no grudge.

Logan can marry Geneva, how about. He spends all his time being like, I'mma give him a hug.

I thought Eleanor would crash after lunch. All that fresh air! All that social navigating! But she didn't, and she fought me about her nap, and we had a protracted, two-hour fight and she never napped at all and lost custody of two of her bed-friends (not Snuggles. I would never take Snuggles in a million years) and finally I said quiet time was over and she could come out, but I still sort of wanted to sell her to the circus.

And Geneva woke up and it was LIGHT OUT and WARM so we went to the library even though it was evening, because Joel was working a call shift today and I cannot be in this house with these two children. Eleanor obviously fell asleep on the way there because I know there are a lot of three-year-olds who haven't napped in YEARS but girlfriend still needs her beauty rest.

I know, Geneva. What the actual. Anyway, the library is pretty dead around 5:30 pm, so we had the RUN of the place.

And then we came outside and I didn't even have to put mittens on anybody. 'Feel the AIR, Geneva! It is WARM.'

I took my bitches for a sandwich because I already fed them two meals today by myself and see above about not being able to deal.

And a cookie also, whatever I don't even care anymore.


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