Monday, July 09, 2007

A pleasant diversion

It's time, folks, for a little game I like to call Fact or Myth? Answers to be found below.

1. I blog less frequently because I am now married.

2. I just made a bundt cake.

3. Robyn and I know a lot about monkeys.

4. Soda water is delicious.

5. I have an assignment due tomorrow that I'm not currently doing.

6. I am allergic to the summertime.

1. Myth. I blog less frequently because I am lazy, and because my days consist of 'Did the laundry. Finished an assignment. Read in the sun. Visited landlords. Made bundt cake.'
2. Fact. Bundt cakes are delicious, also fact. Putting zucchini in them makes them a healthy treat, fact as well. Cutting off thin slices makes you thinner, regardless of how many slices you eat. Fact.
3. Myth. Although Robyn and I are both excessively fond of monkeys, PC Jeopardy 2003 has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that we know next to nothing about them. We do, however, know loads about ants, salami, and tents in the Bible.
4. Myth. Soda water tastes like a soda that has had something bad happen to it, or that has died. Soda water is the ghost of real sodas.
5. Fact. If ever you read this statement on a Monday or Wednesday, it will be fact. All other days, it will be myth, if only because I do not have class on the morrow, thus negating the 'due tomorrow' segment of the sentence.
6. Myth. In fact, I am allergic to the spring. Unfortunately, due to the climate crisis, spring was pushed into July this year, and I am paying heavily for it.

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