Thursday, July 26, 2007

A litany

Hey folks, sorry about the no-post yesterday. I can't even say I was busy. In fact, I would be hard-pressed to come up with one solid thing that I did yesterday. I seem to remember working on a paper, but that could have been Monday. Or June.

So, um, things that happened to me today:

- One of my classes started ten minutes late and ended an hour and a half early. Zoot!

- One of my classes started three minutes early and ended ten minutes late. Boo-urns.

- I met the vaguest woman in the world, and hey! She's teaching the latter half of my one really hard class! Awesome! She's one of those people who gives you quizzes with all kinds of random questions that you can't, for the life of you, puzzle out, and then tells you that psyche!* She hasn't actually taught you any of this yet, and this was just a practice quiz. How stressful.

- I got a paper back that it actually gave me the sweaty-palms to think about, because this prof is super-intellectual and intimidating, and you can tell that he secretly hates Christians and he'd never come out and say it, but he'd imply it hand-over-fist, and I think he also secretly suspects me of being one, and (what with the only other Christian in the class [that I know of] being this guy), I feel obligated to prove to him that Christian ≠ moron (like that's my job. Like God needs me to defend him). Also, I wrote the paper in totally the wrong frame of mind, and the night before, and so when I went back to proofread it the next morning, I hadn't achieved enough distance to decide objectively if it was really and truly awful, or just fine, and also, I hadn't left myself enough time to do something about it if it was really and truly awful, which I suspected that it was. H'anyways, I got it back this morning and actually did quite well, which makes me feel better overall about my situation in life. Aren't I cool? I will not, however, post it here, because none of you want to read about how a short story you've never read compares and contrasts to a novella you haven't read either. Trust me.

- Joel pinched me on the foot.

- I phoned my prodigal sister, who has returned from the fatlands of South Carolina. We had a lovely chat about the embarassing things we'd done while she was gone. Welcome back to the realm of the only-moderately-obese, mien chatz.

- I had a nap. It was sweet bliss.

- I had a bowl of popcorn for dinner (this may not yet have happened, but rest assured, fair reader, it will).

- I read all of your blogs. Unless you are a lurker, and I don't know you, in which case, make yourself known! I promise, I will read your blog. I am a flagrant blog-reader. I spend more time on the computer than I do sleeping, and I spend more of that time doing things that aren't school.

Engrossing, non? This is why I do not blog about my day more often.

*May not have used exact wording. Intent was, however, very obviously that of the late-80's prankster.

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Anonymous said...

I'm one of many lurkers on your blog (I imagine). Just had to say that your writing makes me smile- keep up the great work and enjoy your well-deserved bowl of popcorn!! :)