Friday, July 20, 2007

What else I did last night

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I spent close to an hour last night having two different conversations with my sister on Facebook while she sat in a pool hall in South Carolina.

Yes, two conversations. Very efficient. See, we were having a light, airy chat on our walls about how sometimes we're afraid to think about doing things like jumping into skytrain tracks because if we think about them for too long, our subconscious might take over and do it, and then we were having a much more serious conversation about Things That Are None Of Your Business over in the messaging section where other people can't spy on you, and while she was replying to my last message post, I was replying to her last wall post, and so there was no awkward lull where we had to talk to other people or stare around the room or THINK about things. See? Very efficient.

Also, since my sister is a greedy attention-whore (which, we determined last night, has nothing to do with her youngest-child status and everything to do with her genes, since my brother and I are attention-needy-oldest- and middle-children, respectively), here's a photo of her.

That's my hand.

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Rebekah said...

oh i DO love you more than pie!