Monday, July 19, 2010

If you have need of a thing, that thing exists in the Universe for you

This post references my boobers several times.  Fair warning.

I have two halter-style dresses that I love being in and that pack incredibly small and so I want to take them traveling with me, but I don't have a good halter-style bra, PLUS I don't really want to be bringing more bras with me.  So I've been hunting all over for a bathing suit top that will match these brown bottoms I have AND double as a suitable bra, thereby killing two traveling stones.

I have two brown-themed bathing suit tops, but one has insanely thick straps and is all Hey you!  She's wearing a bathing suit under here!  It is fantastic for swimming laps because the thick straps keep my girls in order, but lousy as a bra-double.  My other brown-themed top only has the one layer, and I like to have something a little thicker in the nippular region if I'm going anywhere except my patio.

I combed The Garage and Urban Planet and Dynamite because did I mention I only want to spend, like, $15?  I am stricken with poverty, y'all.  But mid-summer in real life = early fall in clothing stores, so all's that's left on the bathing suit racks is the dregs.  I'm totally fine with dregs as long as they are brown-themed and have skinny straps, but alas.

After two hours of mall-trawling and accidentally buying a coat (I am hopeless in the face of Urban Planet's cheap, adorable coats.  Even in the middle of July) I remembered I'd forgotten to eat lunch and was immediately hungry and cranky.  I had an hour yet til my coffee date but headed there early to grab something in the way of a brownie.

On the way there I passed Flavor, which is where I'd bought one of the dresses in question and which I was pretty sure carried bathing suits.  This post clearly needs a photo at this point.

Cute dress, right?  Flavor is full of cute dresses.  Also, the bra-kini is a thing that exists, and Flavor has them, and they had the last brown one in my size for $15.  It's a bikini top that is also a bra.  It is exactly the thing that I needed.

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Mum! said...

Cute dress... yes. And your boobs are as they should be - cover'd properly 'n all but, where are your arms!?