Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Awww, remember when she was this tiny?

(She still is.  That picture is from this morning.)

Our neighbors had their baby a week before we had ours, and over the many hurdles of navigating two newborns we managed to bring the post-fetuses together the other day.

You could say they hit it off.

Felix looks huge next to Eleanor.  I mean, he's almost twice her age and weighs probably a pound and a half more.  And so I look at him and think, she is going to be that big in a week.  She is going to be huge, and I'm not going to notice until I try to put her in her pink jimjams with the ducky feet and she doesn't fit.

We never thought she'd be so tiny.  We were convinced she'd be an enormous Krueger-baby, especially since I fed her all those second-suppers and third-desserts on the cruise.  But lo, we had to return to the store for the newborn diapers, because the infant diaps were ridiculous large on her.  And lo, the only things that fit her are a handful of tiny sleepers from my sister's mother-in-law, and one that I borrowed from Robyn.  And lo!  She hath already gained a full pound from her hospital discharge weight!  We'll fill in all that extra skin yet.


blackbird said...

I'm loving these posts and I thank you.

Ky said...

Me too! They are a joy. A JOY.