Monday, January 23, 2012

Sort of for Eleanor? But mostly sort of for me.

Eleanor had a baby shower yesterday, and showers before the baby comes are excellent because then when the baby comes, you have spit-up blankets. But showers AFTER the baby comes are also excellent, because then you are way more excited about receiving eight more spit-up blankets. Now I will only have to do laundry every THREE days.

Everything has been sorted, with the Clothes She Is Likely To Fit Into In the Next Three Months (As Per The Semi-Arbitrary Sizing [See Below]) are in her drawers, and one box is full of Clothes She Is Likely To Fit Into In the Next Year (As Per Etc), with another box for Later On.

Re: sizing. Ok, so I get that babies come in all sizes, and that mine is Sized Surprisingly Petite, but this snowsuit is for 0-3 months. (3-week-old baby included for scale.)

Right? Huge. IS SHE GOING TO GET THAT MUCH BIGGER in the next two months? Time will tell (I mean, maybe? She eats like a baby wolverine.) And then there's other stuff that's probably appropriately sized, but I can't bring myself to believe that she'll ever be that long. Por ejemplo:

So long. Those are some long jimjams. My child, she will never be that long.

Ok and then also, let us play a game called Look At My Baby's Shoes, O.M.G.

RIGHT? And that's not even, I mean, she has like four pairs of slippers as well. Now, when she's crying, I'm all, But Eleanor, how can you be upset? You have SO MANY SHOES. None of which she can wear now because she has eensy feet. BUT!

Shoe-socks. Problem solved.


Amanda said...

Okay, I'm going to admit right up front that I followed you over here from Books I Done Read, mostly because my toddler is also named Eleanor and I am DELIGHTED that there is another baby in the world named Eleanor, and I must keep up with all of her doings. (This is probably creepy. I apologize.) And then I had to comment on this particular post because I am nearly positive that your Eleanor (who, by the way, is DARLING) is wearing the very same ducky pajamas that my Eleanor had at that age, and which I cried over as I folded them up and packed them away when they were outgrown.

And I also wanted to share that I too refused to believe that my baby would ever be that big, and now right this very second she is 18 months old and climbing the furniture and now I can't believe she was ever that tiny. Babies are just unbelievable.

Jeane said...

I love shoe socks. But sadly, my baby cannot keep her sockies on. They always fall off! I have tried bigger sizes, smaller sizes, they fall off. She lost one of her cutest pair of shoe-socks in the airport and I was so sad.

You will be surprised, one day she will fit those too-big clothes! Just yesterday I pulled a jammie outfit out of a drawer that had been given to my baby a few months ago- it's a nine-month size and my babe is 8 mo now. Older daughter said Mom, that's too big! look how big! she won't fit! but we tried it on and presto, it fit! Older daughter was amazed.

Vasilly said...

Oh my goodness! Raych, I love these posts. I think Amanda's right: it can be so hard to believe that a baby can be so small (or big). I swear, reading these posts about Eleanor makes me want another baby. *sigh*

Elizabeth said...

When my babies were born, weighing in at a massive 4 1/2 and 5 1/2 lbs, I was SO SURE they would never fit into any of those clothes. Now, 16 months later, I look at those eensie baby things and think, these babies were never that small! And re: arbitrary sizing - my 16-month old babies were size 12 month pants and size 18-month shirts. I still don't really understand how it works.