Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Someone should get a cupcake, and that someone's probably me.

You guys! My babeling is a month old. A MONTH. So old.

And I know that they grow and that's kind of the idea but check it:

fresh, contemplative baby

wise old fat bald baby

And remember these elephant legs?


And she looks at your face way less like it is A Thing In A World of Things, and way more like, HEY FACE! I REMEMBER YOU, FACE!

I like her, is what.


Reading Rambo said...

You better make a book of these entries and show it to her when she's 18. "SURPRISE!"

(also, omg her expression in the last one. also I feel like I comment on all your baby stuff and therefore feel like a baby-stalker, but if I am, I am a KINDLY baby-stalker)

blackbird said...


my wv is ingly. she IS ingly.

Melissa Ward said...

I just want to kiss her pudgy tummy. :)

My little niece had a round tummy like that, it was adorable (she still does since she's not quite two).

alice c said...

Oh! Miss Eleanor you are adorabubble.
Please don't grow any more because I love you just as you are.

rhapsodyinbooks said...

So glad to see the elephant parts gone! :--) She looks totally adorable, like her parents!

Anna said...

Adorable! she is filling out like a well-pumped ball, and rocking the receding hairline as only babies can!