Friday, June 14, 2013

Big people eat all the fruits.

We're working on eating like a big people because it's a lot easier for me when I can just be like, Here's a corn, and she's like, Ok.

We're learning about choosing your next bite. Like, where on this thing is still for eats?

Apples are tricky, because not only do you have to bite them hard

Like, real hard

But there's no clear stopping point. No PIT. Eleanor's goal with something like an apricot is not to eat it, but to get the pit out. The eating is incidental.

Grapes are also tricky, because they're stuck.

I mean, they're really on there.

What the heck.

Also, if you offer her a fruit, the first thing she'll say is 'Ewwww,' by which she means, 'That thing has a pit or a stem or a peel and we do not eat that part. I know that because I am big.'

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