Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saskatoon times.

Some other highlights from our trip last week:

Eleanor spent every second in our hotel room trying to put our shoes on.

Like, every second.

The first morning, while Joel was off house-hunting, E and I walked to the closest park, but it ended up being just a pond with some greenery.

So we walked half an hour in the other direction and found this park quite by accident:

And then I turned that fountain that she's sitting under on by accident and scared her off splash parks forever a while.

While Eleanor napped, Joel hunted houses and I holed up in the bathroom and trawled the internet for leads.

We went to, seriously, so many parks. Eleanor learned to go down the slide by herself

but had second thoughts.

Too late.

Our room got light super early, and she could see us from her pen, so she'd wake up at 5:30 and instead of rolling over and going back down she'd be like, Mama? Maaaaaama? Mamaaaaaaaa? Up up up up?So we'd ALL be up at 5:30, but only one of us would fall asleep later that morning on the way to the park.

This is the park by our new house. Eleanor approves.

This is the other park by our new house.

This is the dill given to me by a sweet old lady at the community gardens by the other park by our new house.

This is Eleanor on her way to sleep, and also back to Calgary.

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