Friday, June 07, 2013

Radio silence!

We have been in Saskatoon, looking for a place to live when we move there next month. LET'S BE HONEST, Joel was looking for a place for us to live. Eleanor and I were hanging out in playgrounds and developing not-unfounded fears of splash parks. 

Right before I accidentally started up the ring of fountains surrounding her.

And it isn't until you're traveling with a child that you realize how much and how terribly you eat on vacation. I tried sometimes to be like, Have a vegetable, and E would laugh and be like, GOOD JOKE, MOM. Pass me that piece of toast. And we were on vacation, so whatever. Toast for everyone.

And then today we got home and she must have been starved for nutrients because she was 'helping' me cook and she ate half a pepper and a whole roma tomato and waited until I'd sliced a green onion before being like, I'LL CLEAN THAT UP FOR YOU.

I had to slice another one.

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Vasilly said...

I was wondering why you were so quiet! :-)