Thursday, December 26, 2013

Practicing for sisterhood

Things Eleanor has said to her baby doll within the first 24 hours of her owning a baby doll:

Oh, baby, iss BERY cold ousside. You need a hat.

Here is your bed, baby. You lie down and have a little rest.

Who's my big little baby? You're sooooo heaby.

Don't stand up inna cart, baby. Iss not safe.

And then, in a surprising departure from Things I Often Say To Her:

Do you like some ice cream, baby? Oh, I do, I do!

I am currently taking name suggestions for the baby. 'Baby' isn't cutting it for me.


blackbird said...

I am flooded with ideas but, for some reason, Prune strikes me as an excellent name.
Or Beatrice, as I'm sure Eleanor will have a dickens of a time with Beatrice.


blackbird said...

Do you tell her that, from time to time?
Do you?
Do you say: Bird loves you Eleanor?

Reading Rambo said...

...I've totally come to think of her as ElSec.

I LOVE BEATRICE AS A NAME SO MUCH. Esp paired with Eleanor. Except "Bea" is the worst. "Bee," weirdly enough, is fine. ALSO JOSEPHINE.

Rebekah Joy Plett said...

There is only Zuul.

Amanda said...

The best/worst is when they start disciplining their babies. Hearing my Eleanor yell, "DON'T EVER TOUCH THAT!" at her baby doll was both pretty hilarious and a little heartbreaking. Children are an unforgiving mirror.