Monday, December 29, 2014


Christmas! Ok. This is our first Christmas at home by ourselves, and it was WEIRD but also GOOD (but WEIRD). We did stockings on Christmas Eve, and Geneva's was just full of stuff she already owns. Whatever, she was just like, Yassssss, wrapping paper.

Eleanor's stocking was all, like, socks and a toothbrush and panties, all of which she was stoked about. I can show you this, right?

She is going to be so embarrassed by that photo when she's 13. Anyway. Christmas morning.

Like I wasn't going to get them matching jammies. That's why I HAD a second child. Both girls got clothes, and Eleanor got a 'fancy dancer' costume.

I had to make a rule that you can only wear it out of the house on Boxing Day, otherwise we'd be having A Discussion every morning.

She also got two puzzles, which she asked her dad for help with and then promptly did herself.

And has done a thousand times since.

Geneva was on the early edge of The Sickness so I gave her three soothers - one for the mouth and one for each hand. She found them very soothing.

We're in the middle of an Extreme Cold Warning right now, but this was before then, so we bundled outside.

Snow angels for everyone.

I figure I have a few years before I have to settle on a Christmas breakfast, but this sausage, havarti, apple, cranberry, and walnut breakfast braid is a strong contender.

Duck for dinner, always a winner.

Can't stop fancy dancing. (Geneva's so into it.)

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Constance said...

So much frolicking and fun! What a feast! Love you unbearably much! Mum