Monday, December 15, 2014

The Pretender

I bought a big old bag of garlands from Value Village the other day because I wanted one of them for my tree, and the bag was like a dollar. I let Eleanor get her hands on the garlands I didn't want, and then for DAYS she was wrapping her toys in them

and then roosting on the bundle and counting to ten

before CRACKING THE EGG open. 'There's a triceratops in this egg.' Eleanor, you are so weird.

Or she'd drape herself in it. 'This is my dragon costume. I'm going trick-or-treating.'

I got a weird amount of mileage out of that bag of garland.

Eleanor is very pretendy right now. To wit:

Downstairs is the North Pole. ('I have to get all my gear on. Get, get, get.')

Her dad is Santa.

I am Splat the Cat.

She has a pet monster that she carries with her everywhere whenever we leave the house. She literally never breaks character with this one, I'm always looking down to see her with an arm across her torso, and I'm like, Eleanor, what are you...oh, right.

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leahandmichael said...

aww her PET MONSTER?! she's so great! (obvs catching up on ur blog now but MUST SLEEP. more random comments tmw. night)