Sunday, December 21, 2014

Here we come a festiving.

OH HEY. We went to see Santa. Eleanor wrote him a note beforehand.

It was entirely just monster stickers, and then pictures of monsters that she drew. Not like she was asking for monsters, she was just like, Here, I made you some monsters.

We were killing time in the mall, because Santa doesn't come until 11, and we were 'riding' the carousel (as we do), and Eleanor kept being like, Someone will come by and put money in. And people kept coming by with their one or two kids and PUTTING MONEY IN and letting Eleanor ride for free on the spare unicorn. This happened four times.

Anyway. The kids were great. Santa was great. Eleanor got a candy cane and was thrilled.

And then a few days ago, we went to the Enchanted Forest. I'm between phones right now, so most of my pictures are on the other phone. They basically all look like some variation of this:

I put everyone in jammies in case anyone fell asleep, looking at you, Geneva. It's about a half-hour drive through the forest. And G-Wren was super quiet for the last half and I was sure she was gone but when we got home...

Ha ha ha, I'm not sleeping.

What else. We walked to the art gallery today, because it's only like -7, with a windchill of -14. That's nothing. That's balmy.

The hoarfrost (ha ha, whorefrost) is errrrwhere.

It's impossible to stop taking pictures of it.

It's warm for December, but also, it's pretty cold, so we had a hot chocolate before settling in to the arts. Art galleries make hella fancy hot chocolates.

Joel has a few more days of work, and then he's OFF for Christmas. For, like, DAYS. We have such plans.


blackbird said...

Good looking Santa.
Good looking everyone.


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As the Crowe Flies and Reads said...

Do you suppose that parents the world over are wringing their hands in despair because you, empirically speaking, have the cutest children in the world? I think they are.