Sunday, March 04, 2007

are you watching closely?

have you SEEN 'the prestige'? NO????

go rent it right now.

deception after deception and lie after lie and magic trick that goes terribly awry after magic trick that goes terribly awry!


this movie is fabulous. except that hugh jackman is so not hot in it. he should stick to being wolverine.


alan.schram said...

You really liked it that much? I watched it in the theaters, and I thought that they could've used one more twist. I figured it out too quickly.

I'll admit though, it was a really good movie. If you liked it, watch also "The Illusionist". Similar, and also quite good.

Bid said...

I loved the Prestige. It's also the good the second time to try and follow who's who at what point.

joel said...

Good call babe. That movie was awsome. I don't blog so I'll use this opportunity to share my quote of the day.

Walt Whitman
"Do I contradict myself?/ Very well then I contradict myself,/ (I am large, I contain multitudes.)"

Jerami said...

it's even better the second time, if you can get over being annoyed at yourself for how they dangled the truth in front of you the whole time and you never picked up on it (unless you're alan.schram it seems).

i also second the 'illusionist' recommendation, though prestige remains the better of the two in my mind.