Thursday, March 22, 2007

pie in the sky

i am sorry, it has been a while since my last post. but you see, on sunday i had decided that i was going to make a pie. joel was over, i had nothing pressing to do, and everyone loves a good pie. however, once we'd picked up the apples, i discovered that i had something far more pressing to do, and that was to be sick.

monday, i came home from work hell-bent on making a pie, sick or no. i set about slicing my apples, rolling my pastry, and neatly latticing my fine upper crust, only to drop the entire thing in my lap on its way to the oven

that last may have been an exaggeration. the pie was on a baking sheet so's not to boil over, and it slid around and about, causing stress and anxiety, until i caught it against my lap. some of the filling slopped onto the floor, and the lattice top was ruined, but i managed to shift the bulk of the dessert back into the plate. no one was any the wiser.
tuesday i was plenty sick, wednesday i went to the clinic. the sinus infection of last week has become the throat and chest infection of the now, leaving me weak and phlegmy. today i am on killer antibiotics.
so you see, this post was a week in the making. savor it well.


Hannah said...

feel better soon! I'm impressed at the attempt to make a pie - I can't handle the baking thing. Also, I'm really happy for you with all this wedding stuff. How exciting. :)

Jane said...

Praying you'll get better soon. Sad to hear you're still sick.

joel said...

babe, you gonna save me some pie?