Wednesday, March 07, 2007

you not a artist! you cant draw!

i was just going to post a comment on this post of jane's, but the story got really long in my mind, so i decided to just post it my ownself.

this one time, in college, we were assigned to take a pre-existing playground (hand-drawn and given to us by the instructor) and re-design it for children with special needs. ALL special needs. so i researched and researched, thought and planned. i decorated everything in bright, contrasting colors so that those with limited vision could find their ways around, i included several types of support swings for several types of needs, i even fitted out the slides with a particular plastic because some plastics can cause static and short-out hearing aides. bet you didn't know.

anyway, the project was worth 15% of our final grades, and was 3-fold. 5% went towards our paper explaining what we had done, 5% went towards evidence of research and thought presented, and 5% went towards the poster depicting the new playground. i got 5/5 on each of the first two, and a cheerful, fatty ZERO on the last.

five percent of my final grade was taken from me because i cannot draw. my poster was neat, but not beautiful. i fought the grade, the prof wouldn't budge. i swore (not at her, but in her presence), which i later regretted and phoned her at home to apologize. some of my classmates (remember, this is in college) ratted me out to our program director, who called me into her office and chewed me out, EVEN THOUGH I HAD ALREADY DEALT WITH IT!!! aforementioned program director brought it up again in my fourth year (swearing incident happened in my second year) when i failed to invite her to my senior discernment, even though it had nothing to do with the topic at hand.

all because i can't draw. drew, jane? i hear ya loud and clear.


Liz said...

oh sounds like to me you miss Gwen soooo much tehehe!! so if i remember my roomie(Heather Toews) told me to contact you for my Children's Lit. File. (that class takes alot of work)
well have a sweet weekend.

Bid said...

This has aabsolutely nothing to do with your current blog - but I was noticing the pink shoe at the top of the screen. That is super exciting. Although, if I was going to be wearing that shoe to my wedding - I wouldn't be so excited.

Dana Honderich said...

I totally remember that stupid project, (which I would have given you 15/15 on by the way)... so lame...
Doesn't it seem a bit ironic not to mention unfortunate that you lost marks on a "special needs" assignment based on a, how do you say, "special need" when it comes to drawing... I mean come on where is the justice or integrity in that one?
Remember our Krispy Kreme date in first year??? Good times!