Friday, March 23, 2007

something productive

with all the hustle and bustle of late, all the working 9-hour days, my 2-hour-and-some/day commute, the inexhaustible wedding errands that crop up like weeds, i thought it might be nice to be sick for a few days. really, truly, can't-go-to-work-or-get-a-damn-else-thing-done sick. it'd be like a saturday where i don't have anything planned, except that there would be two of them, and then i'd have a saturday afterwards to top it all off.

i'd forgotten how PROFOUNDLY DULL it is.

i find myself going to the bathroom just for something to do. i just accompanied my sister to staples in an effort to break the interminable nap cycle. i told myself i could eat that hersheys kiss i found in the car if only i did something productive first. that 'something' could be neither napping, nor staring listlessly at a page while pretending to read.

this is my something.

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