Thursday, March 01, 2007


i'm sorry, regular miscellaneous blog. i haven't meant to neglect you. it's just that i've been busy setting up my two other, specific blogs.

there's the one where i'm slowly copy-and-pasting all of my thailand posts, because sometimes people want to read about my trip, and i don't want them to come here and find out that i have a potty mouth.

and there's the one where i talk about books i done read, because i decided not to clutter up this blog with those posts. some people can't read good, and i feel like books could be a dicey subject. you know how i feel about dicey subjects.

anyway, regular miscellaneous blog, to bring you up to speed, i spent last weekend in kelowna watching joel's volleyball team take silver, and joel being named 'player of the game' in the gold medal match. the other 'wives' and i made shirts which i will post a picture of if i ever get my hands on one.

Clarence has stopped biting me, and has only kicked me a handful of times this week. it no longer takes three people to change his diaper.

i am still with the dayclarences and not my own beloved kinderclarences, though i stop by to say hi to them on my frequent trips to the bathroom. the dayclarences are cute in their own way. they say things like 'i have s'rong mussles' when they're carrying three tupperware containers (empty). also, they are easier to pick up than the kinderclarences, and there is more than one girl to 'do' my hair for me.

i had curry chicken for dinner.

that's about it, miscellaneous blog. now that i'm done selecting templates and adding blog features, you and i can start spending more time together again. and i'll always love you most, because you were my first.

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