Monday, March 05, 2007


so, for months and months and months, people at work would get sick, because that is what you do when you work with children, you get sick, and i wouldn't get sick, and i would think to myself, man! my immune system is amazing! up until about a month ago, when i got really sick, and then i got mostly better so i was only a little sick up until today when i got really sick again.

the co-clarenceherd is also resoundingly ill, so she went home. they hired a sub for the daycare, and my clarences and i were reunited (oh bliss!). when jane phoned to let me know that we weren't meeting tonight because most of us were sick, the clarences piped up with 'who are you talking to?' 'is that your boyfriend?' 'HEY! ARE YOU GONNA MARRY MISS RACHEL???' i've missed them so.

so, since i'm heading to bed in about twenty minutes, i'll just leave you with this quote from the weekend...

my grandma: ...and the doctor was in a print dress! i don't want a doctor in a print dress! she looked like a cleaning lady!!!

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