Monday, March 26, 2007

in which i use a thesaurus to describe an old man

so, there's this man who works at the kiosk where i invariably buy my monthly bus pass. it's on the way between the skytrain and my way out of the mall, so i keep giving them my business, even though the kiosk-man is SO RUDE!

par example, when i first got a job out in surrey, it was the 5th of the month, or so. i went to ask if they had any bus passes left, knowing that my chances were slim, but it's worth the risk for the savings. so i go and ask the guy, do you have any bus passes left? he tells me (his voice dripping with scorn) that they don't, and that they've been sold out for five days. he sneers at me in wonderment (as he oozes disdain), why would i want to buy a bus pass now, i've missed out on five days of bus riding? i tell him that i didn't have a job out in surrey until just now, and i leave, probably in a huff.

another time, i stop by on the FIRST OF THE MONTH, when it is conceivable that they may just have a pass or two left, and again, i am met with scorn and disdain. perhaps even a bit of derision.

one time i went by on the 25th to buy a pass for the next month. many times, i have gone on the 25th to buy a pass for the next month. more scorn, more derision, heaps of disparagement. the passes weren't going on sale until the following day.

today i went to buy a pass, drawing my thickened skin around me, only to have him make some cheerful old-man jokes and jubilantly hand me my pass!!! no jeering! no scorn! not even a trace of contempt!

make up your mind, dammit, and stick to your stereotype.

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