Thursday, June 13, 2013

She has conned me out of my own chair.

So the other day I'm on the couch reading, and she's across the room doing baby stuff, and then she's like, Cuddle? And I'm like, OF COURSE, because, I mean, come on.

And then she's like, Chair? And I'm all, Yeah, whatever, we can sit in the chair and cuddle.

And then she's like, Book? And I am like, Damn. I have been hoodwinked.

So because she's always conniving to get either me or Joel into the reading chair, a few days ago I set her up in the chair by herself and gave her a pile of books. The chair is right next to her shelf, so every few minutes she'd lean over and grab a new one.

And she sits and READS to herself for, like, half an hour.

And this is apparently how we do things now.

I really loved that chair.


blackbird said...

Good thing you can bring the chair to Saskatoon.

Kayleigh vW said...

Your baby has ruined me for other babies, I hope you know.

Vasilly said...

Who is this kid? She reads to herself for half an hour?! E needs to teach my kids how to do that, so they can quit bothering me. :-)