Monday, June 24, 2013

Some feelings and some mostly unrelated photos.

I'm having a nostalgic moment.

When we first moved to Calgary, we forgot a very vital part of our bedframe, so we couldn't set it up for weeks. This is when Eleanor was still nursing at night, and getting up off a mattress on the floor at 3 am is...I mean, it shouldn't be that much worse but it's SO MUCH WORSE.

We're slowly disassembling our house, and now our mattress is back on the floor and it's making me feel things about my baby.

In other news, we've had a flood. All year, I've been like, I wish I lived in Inglewood, ALL my friends live in Inglewood (except, like, two). And then we had a flood and Inglewood was evacuated, along with maybe 20 other neighborhoods and the entire downtown core.

We were supposed to have a farewell potluck with all those friends in Inglewood, but they were evacuated (you may recall). So even though my kitchen looks like this:

and the contents of my freezer are as follows: pork loin, bag of freezer burritos, half bag of frozen mangoes, we picked up a lasagna and some ice cream and had everyone over here in our DRY, DRY HOUSE one last time.

And it was a great meal because we like them all so much, but it was also SO SAD because we LIKE THEM ALL SO MUCH. The more we hang out with them, the more we like them. They are the kind of dinner guests who will sing with your baby and then stack your dishwasher while you aren't looking. They are kind and funny and smart. Two of them are pregnant. They are an excellent community of people to HAVE and a hard one to LEAVE.

So there's that.


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Rhiannon said...

I feel for your the moving away from friends department. But being from Saskabush myself, I assure you it's a city filled with pretty parks and lovely people. You'll love it. Head on over to garden architecture any time and ask for Sharon Ryder (my mom) if you're feeling home or Calgary sick. She's good for baby singing/holding and hugs, but she'll also fill your dishwasher if given the chance.
Eleanore has been my go to online spirit booster since you first announced you were pregnant with her, while the hubby and I struggled to have our own bundle of joy. She was finally born 10 days ago, so if I can help in any way with the Saskatoon transition, don't hesitate to ask.

The good news is you should be arriving just in time for The Taste of Saskatchewan which is the yummiest food festival all year.