Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hello peaches. I'm doing it again. The desktop that I've been hoo.king my laptop up to so that I can see what I'm a splode. So I'm typing in the dark. Joel's on the other computer, doing 'real work,' ans I was just about to head off to bed when I realized that I hadn't given you your daily dose of my desperate postings. November is the worst month for nablopomo what with all the finals I have and all the papers I'mw riting and all the not-interesting I'm doing. But december will be here soon, and then I'll go back to only posting when I have funny things to tell you. This is dumb. I'm going to bed.


Jane said...

It's not dumb.
Thanks for typing in the dark.

Rebekah said...

my favourite part about that paragraph was this, "ans I was just about to head off to bed" because sometimes I pronounce "and" like that.
Also, all typing/spellingchecking/word programs are in american english so everytime I spell "favourite" it thinks I have done a wrongity when really I am Canadian.