Tuesday, November 13, 2007

An early Christmas present, from me to you. It's a blog of more than 100 words.

Ok, since I thought I had a huge assignment due on Thursday but I just remembered this morning that it wasn't due til next Tuesday (and I almost wept, I was so relieved) and I just phoned a friend to ask a question about our lab which is due tomorrow, and also to say '...and jeez, how about that midterm tomorrow, hey?' so that she could say 'You're a dimwit, the midterm got moved to next Wednesday, and you know that,' since I now have neither of these things in the next two days, I will now give you a real blog, one that doesn't involve my cervix.

Acutally, I'm just blogging to let you know that my computer woes have reached new heights. The screen on my laptop has gone a very dark shade of grey. So dark, in fact, that you'd think it was black if you couldn't just faintly make out the words on the screen which I am currently typing. Don't worry, I'm not straining my eyes in my endeavors to amuse. I have, instead, hooked the laptop up to the desktop monitor, so that I can sit here with the laptop in my lap, using the laptop keyboard and the laptop mouse and looking at the desktop screen LIKE AN IDIOT!!! It feels like I'm trying to knit a sweater while watching TV, without looking down. I'd take a picture of myself, but the camera-to-computer-picture-loader-cord is hooked up to the tower, which is currently unattached, dark, and forlorn.

(Side story: One time, at camp, me and my cabin of eight-year-olds were standing in our line-up, waiting to be called in for lunch. Trying to garner a little pity, I turned to them and said, 'Alright girls, everyone line up straight and look forlorn,' to which my best and brightest replied, 'Who's Lorn?')

This whole laptop-screen-going-so-dark-it's-nearly-black thing happened on Sunday, as I was sitting down to an assignment I didn't want to do (namely, defining a list of Romantic-era terms). After a morning of cramps and nausea, and two full days of wretched defining to do, this did me in. I wept and gnashed my teeth and wrung my hands, certain no one had ever been as hard done by as I. After much toil, I got everything rigged up to go on the desktop and re-opened my assignment to the definition I had been working on when I shut down Saturday night, and which I now present for you...

Sensibility: the tendency to give one's self entirely over to one's emotions, and to be highly succeptible to minute instances of pleasure or pain.

'Ahhh, you,' I said to myself, chuckling. 'Do the assignment, don't live the assignment.'

As another aside, and as September said earlier today, the fabulous, witty, brilliant, emminently hospitable, charming and unbelievably strong Jane has been having a bit of a rough go of things lately, what with her father's Alzheimer's diagnosis and her mother's sudden need for emergency surgery and her church's dissolution and her three growing boys and, well, let's just say that I'm not all that hard done by, and that if you have a few extra prayers hanging around, you might want to send them her way.

Cheers, all. Tomorrow I will return to my NaBloPoMo/crazy-paper-rush-induced sound-byte-blogging.

(This post was brought to you by the dash - - -)

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