Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm pulling rank. Do this now.

I have spent very few moments of the past week or so doing things that I actually wanted to do. I have had a lot of dry, tedious moments, and a very meagre amount of amusing moments. HowEVER, I spent a good two hours on Monday laughing myself into a state, and I would like to pass along that privilege to you. See this movie:

I'm not even going to play it up for you. I keep trying to describe it to people, but you all know how that goes. You have to go and see it, and then you have to find other people who have seen it (you can come talk to me), and then you have to talk about how you nearly killed yourself laughing, and then one of you has to say 'He's appointed himself judge, jury and executioner' so that the other one of you can say 'But he's NOT Judge Judy and executioner!' and then you will both laugh. I hope I haven't ruined that one line for you. Please go watch this before I ruin the part where the one lady hits the other lady in the face with a wet-floor sign. Like, right in the teeth.

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