Saturday, November 03, 2007

This is difficult

Hello friends. I am NaBloPoMoing, which is why I'm sitting here trying to think of something to tell you instead of reading one of the four books I've bought in the last two days.

Um, I am kicking my sister's ass at Facebook Scrabble. I just spelled 'weaponry,' using all my tiles and hitting a triple word score, for 98 points.

Oooh, speaking of my sister, Jane and I were just talking today about this awesome Dwight Schrute pumpking we'd seen on the Internet (I know, lame, but LOOK at it. It's freaking amazing)...

And then I mentioned this time my sister free-hand-carved a Koala-pumpkin, (Koala as in our dog, not as in the marsupial) and I thought you all should see it.It is brilliant. She is brilliant.

I have a headache from all this thinking.


Rebekah said...

that NaMoPogBloing thing sounds neat. Are you participating in it?

Jane said...

That sister of yours? She is brilliant.