Friday, November 09, 2007

We're both the needy one.

Ok, I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before that my sister and I are BFF's and that we phone each other, like, eight times a day, but I'm not going to search through my whole blog just so I can link to that time I mentioned it, so let me mention it again.

My sister and I - by virtue of the womb we shared, and also due to the hours we spent waiting for the bus in hours so early that it was STILL DARK OUT, and all the times we ran for the phantom bus only to get to the stop, huffing and puffing and sweating in our winter jackets, to see a truck, or something, climbing the hill - are BFF's and we phone each other, like, eight times a day.

Ok, maybe not that many. But she'll phone me on the bus on the way home, and I'll phone her as I'm walking to school, and if the other person doesn't answer, the person phoning will just leave a message which usually begins with the phrase 'Nothing funny to report...just calling,' as though we had to make excuse for the fact that we have no hilarious stories. Unless the reason we're phoning is because we have a hilarious story, in which case the message begins with 'You will not believe what I just saw/did/knocked over/said in public.'

So, the other week, I'd phoned my sister a number of times, always getting her machine or getting her at an awkward time when she couldn't talk, and she'd been to busy to phone me back, and I was starting to feel like the needy girlfriend who always phones to see what her boyfriend is up to and does he want to come over and watch a movie?

This past week, I've been mad busy, and haven't had time to return the past three or four of my sister's calls. Today I got a message from her saying, 'Sometimes, when I phone you and then you don't phone me back, and then I phone you again the next day, I feel a bit creepy and stalkerish.'

I phoned her instantly to tell her that it's ok, that we're both the desperate, clingy one.

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