Monday, April 23, 2012

Clever girl.

Remember how hard we were all encouraging her to get her fist into her mouth?

it's super difficult, you guys

Man, she is so good at it now. One day I'll figure out how to upload videos and then post the one of her using her own fist to muffle her crying. It's adorably pathetic.

Anyway, not only is she super good at getting her hands to her mouth, but she can get them to other things, too.

And then to her mouth.

I am frankly astonished that that bird still has wings. At any rate, she is not using her powers for good.

If she can get her hands on it, it should probably be in her mouth. Even if her sense of 'things I can fit in there' is still being developed.

I will nom this whole thing!

We know it's just the beginning of the end, and that the days of plunking her on our laps while we eat are over.

That thing you are holding? She would like it, please.


Reading Rambo said...

I love your baby too much. TOO MUCH. Be bringing her to Chicago, please.

Kayleigh said...

YOU MAKE ME FEEL BETTER WHEN MY DAY IS SHITTY. Thank you for baby pictures. I agree with Rambo up there that my love for your baby is verging on too much.