Sunday, April 22, 2012

I continue to like my life.

Yesterday Joel had to work, but Eleanor napped for two and a half hours IN HER CRIB, which is her longest nap to date that has not been On My Body. (I checked on her three times to make sure she was not dead. SHE WAS NOT. Just very, very sleeping.)

And then I took a jog with my new stroller (and my baby, obvs) and it was everything I wanted it to be, and I will totally jog all the time now! Except, not very far or fast, because I'm pushing 40 extra pounds. But Eleanor loves the fresh air and the sights and smells, and also finds them soporific.

And then Pop Pop and Gigi took the baby and I put on a new dress and my hummingbird skull and went downtown for a pulled pork poutine

and a brisket sandwich

and also, look at this giant dog!

Right? And then also, 21 Jump Street was much more hilarious than I expected or felt it had a right to be. I mean, CHANNING TATUM. And yet, he has serious comedic chops.

Excellent day.


Jenners said...

It sounds like a most excellent day and HOLY CRAP that is one big dog!!

LianneLavoie said...

OH MY GOSH I want that dog. Right now. I think it's part Newfoundland which is my favourite type of dog EVER.

Also I missed you in the read-a-thon! You always have my favourite read-a-thon posts.