Thursday, April 12, 2012

Maybe we will nap together today.

Eleanor has been sick or growing or something, because she is Off Her Game. I turn into an absolute hippie when she is sick, comfort nursing her and wearing her around the house in my hippie wrap. I have to keep reminding myself that she's not being scritchy on PURPOSE, and that she is not feeling well.

But her being sick means that she has been ON MY BODY for three days, except for yesterday when I gave her to my mom for an hour and went for a run. And I had book club last night but Joel is working in the ER so sometimes he doesn't get home when he's supposed to and when he walked in the door yesterday I almost cried, I was so desperate to get away and so relieved.

So I went to book club and I was beyond thrilled to be out of Eleanor's personal space and have her out of mine, but also I felt like I had forgotten something very important, like I had left my purse on the bus or neglected to put on pants.

But then it came time to order desserts and we, as per usual, got one of everything.

And I got home and she was sleeping and now I am holding her and typing around her while she sleeps some more.


Melissa Ward said...

She might be cutting her first tooth. My youngest niece was a BEAR at that time - cranky, sleepy, had to be held all the time, fed all the SIL said after the first tooth the next were easier.

Amy said...

If they didn't want us to get one of everything, they shouldn't have the same number of desserts as we did people.

Vasilly said...

I hope she feels better soon. My youngest is six and I STILL feel like I've forgotten something important when I'm out without the kids. I don't think that feeling really goes away.