Saturday, April 07, 2012

You just have to time it right.

I used to run a lot of errands. Robyn and I were the Errand-Running Champions of the World. But now, between feeding Eleanor and trying to nap her, I feel like my errandability has been curtailed.

But then yesterday she napped in the car while we went and picked up her new Bumbo seat (which she loves, because now she can SIT UP and WATCH ALL THE THINGS)

and then had brunch with Boo and Darren at IHOP (which Eleanor tolerated because laying on the table omg is one of her favorite activities)

and then went to the mall so Boo and I could get our faces did

during which Eleanor took her midday nap in her wrap. She is my most well-behaved baby.


Kayleigh said...

EXCELLENT FACES. The prettiness. Also, nice Ricky Martin cameo.

wintunancy said...

Sooo.....let's say that I am an interfering old fashioned grandma and I just have to ask if you have seen the information about how dangerous the Bumbo seats can be? Would hate for something to happen to your cutie. Just google it and see what you think.