Saturday, April 21, 2012

Five and on.

Five years ago today, Joel and I ambled over a bridge INTO OUR LIVES TOGETHER.

This time last year, I told Joel I was knocked up and that we were going to have to sleep in really aggressively for the next eight months.

Since then, we have acquired a dog-niece

and a dog-nephew

and lost a dog-sibling (RIP, Koala-kins).

I went to New York without Joel

and Joel went to New York without me.

We both went to Haiti

and Jamaica

[um, sometimes I don't take photos of stuff. I know.]

and Mexico

and ate more pulled pork than, if we're being honest, was necessary.

We moved in with my parents, and have been doing All The Vancouver Things. Like go to the PNE.

And walk around Stanley Park.

And go to a Lion's game.

And (for significantly more money) a Canucks game.

And the Christmas market.

Oh, and then somewhere in there we had a baby.

And now we are THREE PEOPLE and Joel is practically a doctor and I am definitely a mum and we are two months away from packing up our stuff and moving yet again and setting up our little home and getting cats and maybe a dog and everything is so very, very good.

(Oh yeah, and holy crap, I graduated. I forgot that because there were no pictures because I didn't go to convocation because I already graduated from university once because I am addicted to school.)


Morgan said...

That is a crazy year. Yay!

rhapsodyinbooks said...

What a lovely recap! Happy Anniversary!!!

Rhiannon said...

What a fab year you've had! The hubs and I hit our third anniversary on the 19th, and we've been trying to get pregnant since this time last year, but no cigar yet. Fingers crossed it will be soon, you make it look so delightful after all.