Friday, April 13, 2012

Eleanor goes to the park and politely hates it.

Eauch. This is grass? Grass is prickly.

This dandelion tastes awful. Please bring me a fresh one.

I'd be ok going down the slide on my OWN, thanks.

This is degrading.

Swing? No, please. I'd rather chew your hand.

I SAID I'd rather chew your hand. *scuffs air*
She'll end up indoorsy because of this.


blackbird said...

I do admire her for putting up with you.

alice c said...

Adorable - MissM and I are sending a rescue party to spring Eleanor out of this life of enforced fresh air. She can come and live with us and lie on the sofa to her heart's content.

Rhiannon said...

hahahahahahahahahha. that is all i have to say about that!

Jenners said...

Oh dear. Not a great first date was it?