Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pinterest Is Making Me Fat, Vol. 2

Lemon brownies! Lemonies! These were super very good, with a brownie-like texture and a lemony flavor. I feel stupid for having written that sentence because obviously. If only there were some sort of button to delete it. OH WELL. These tasted like lemon squares, without all the bother of making a shortbread crust or all the inhaling powdered sugar when you go to take a bite.

Strawberry macarons with chocolate buttercream! I have always wanted to TRY macarons, and then Joel brought me some back from New York, and then I wanted to try MAKING them. They didn't grow feet like they're supposed to, and the tops didn't smooth out, and I'm too lazy to go to the store for cream for ganache or to even remember the day before to MAKE ganache so it can set up, which is why BUTTERCREAM, so basically as macarons they were the worst. BUT a bad macaron is still very nummy, if labor-intensive. I would definitely make these again, because I cannot abide failure. Also, nummy. Also, SO PRETTY.

Blackberry Blueberry lemon pudding cake! This was, as Bekah said, not one of my best. It had...a texture. BUT for the first time in maybe ever, I didn't over-beat my eggs. Maybe I should have. ANYwert, two people really liked it, but they are also two of the sweetest, most unfailingly complimentary people I know, so.



Anna said...

Totally just made lemonies too - a lemon brownie was weird to me, but delicious to all others.

Rhiannon said...

am uber impressed by your first try macaroons. Mine were an abject failure of throw away proportions, so well done!