Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I prefer plain-spoken restaurant names.

Because it is my birthday and I am 30, we went to Meat and Bread for some meat and bread. I had the porchetta.

It was full of cracklins, served on a plank with mustard, and unreal good.

I also had the bacon maple ice cream sandwich.

It was lightly sweet, lightly salty, and it, too, was unreal good.

Eleanor had the receipt.

She says it was flavorful but a little dry.


Rhiannon said...

Happy Birthday! and welcome to your 30's! May it treat you well.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I love your blog and reading about your very sweet baby. I haven't commented before and apologize that the first time I'm commenting is to say something ungreat: There is sometimes BPA in cash register receipts. Do not eat! See this article, for instance. Okay, carry on.