Saturday, April 28, 2012

Her first gross motor skill! I am both proud and alarmed.

SHE ROLLS OVER YOU GUYS. This is both awesome and terrible, because I leave her lying on things all the time. Which, I mean, she's still working on rolling back-to-front, but she's going to pull that one out UNEXPECTEDLY and probably while I am in the other room. So no more lounging on the countertop.

Anywert, it is sort of astonishing to see her Do A Thing. And not even flukey-like, but regularly. You just have to flip her onto her tummy and wait for her to get past the HEY NEAT I CAN SEE DIFFERENT THINGS FROM HERE stage

and through the UGH MY HEAD IS SO HEAVY WHY DOESN'T SOMEONE AID ME stage and eventually she get so mad and flaily that she pushes herself over and then lies there, stunned, like she can't figure out how the scenery changed.


blackbird said...

She's like a different baby from this angle!

rhapsodyinbooks said...

Congrats on Doing A Thing! And not only "a" thing, but holding up a head that must weigh 30 pounds! LOL

Elizabeth said...

Yay big girl! Rolling over is so much FUN!!

Mike said...

It's amazing how excited babies are to learn new things. I watched a baby play with their hands for hours. There so excited to learn new things about themselves and the world.