Saturday, May 26, 2012

Babyless for a day.

My baby went to Chilliwack without me! Joel was heading to his parents' for the day to get his car fixed, and I was like, SOMEONE TINY WANTS TO ACCOMPANY YOU, so Eleanor went to hang with her G-parents and I lolled around the house, babyless.

This is my new favorite thing, you guys. Because when she goes down for a nap, I think of all the things I want to get done and how little time I have and then I panic and end up just reading The Internet until she wakes up. But when she is GONE FOR SEVEN HOURS I am so productive.

Also, I drink a lot of coffee.

So I read a book and had a coffee. And then I pootled around on the internet running boring but necessary blog errands. And THEN I turned this:

into this:

And THEN I fixed my orange high-waisted jeans, which I got maybe 15 lbs ago when mom got super-depressed by my wardrobe and took me shopping and which are now -waisted jeans on account of I misplaced those 15 lbs.

High-waisted jeans sitting at your natural waist give you the longest crotch. But so I FIXED them, is the point.

And then I made some serious headway in a project I've been working on for Eleanor's Eventual Room (as in, eventually she will have a room, and it won't be A Corner Of Our Room Where I Can STILL HEAR HER).

And then I took a coffee and my book and went to the park.

And then Eleanor came home and I was like *sigh* but I was also like *snorgle*


raidergirl3 said...

I recognize that dilemma of some time, with much to do, and then being 'paralyzed into inactivity'. Common problem.

Laura said...

Hi Raych! Sorry to have been out of touch. We had our little girl and she has been pretty opinionated about me doing anything besides holding, feeding, or changing her. Such a cute lovable little tyrant! She had her three week birthday yesterday. I totally get what you mean about not getting anything done because you only have little chunks of time to do things in. I think what really gets me is I don't know how long I'll have. Babies should come with gauges like gas tanks.