Tuesday, May 01, 2012

I would also take pie in lieu of celebratory cupcakes.

I feel like Eleanor has been three months old FOREVER. Maybe I'm just getting used to having a baby, and the time isn't whizzing by so fast, but I'm not the only one. I caught mom telling people she was four months old two weeks ago.

But now! She is four months old. And LONG and LEAN. I mean, for a baby, which means she is still sort of fat. Let us, as per usual, let's check on the progress of them legs.
chicken thighs

buttery lumpkins

Skills acquired this month include rolling over, coping with impending bedtime without losing her shit, wiping her gums on anything she can get her hands on (which is a lot of things, as we are not used to those hands being quite so dexterous), and talking her face off.

All this rolling over and standing while supported and reefing on her gym toys has given her more of a human-shape. I'm baffled and impressed and sometimes super-annoyed by how much control she has over her body now (she is very grabby).

fresh new baby is basically a bag of pudding

four-month-old baby works out (girl look at that body)

She's interactive and lovely, but she can't get into cupboards and things yet. I'm pretty sure this is the baby sweet spot. I like her the most I have ever liked her.


Kate@Midnight Book Girl said...

She is seriously one cute baby! And I love babies in the 4-8 month age, they're just so magical, and they can't really talk yet so they can't be "No, don't pick me up. You're ruining my life" like they do once they get their speech skills in order. ;)

blackbird said...

She's saying: I want french fries and a burger and bread, did you hear me? Bread. (flustered sound) Did you get all that?

I know, I speak baby.

Lorin said...

Aw, what a cutie. I think the baby sweet spot is able to sit up but not yet crawling. Still, my girl is 17 months now and every month I like her even more.

Amy said...

I agree with Lorin on the baby sweet spot. For my first, that stage lasted four months! (Early sitter.) We could park him in the middle of the living room with a box of toys between his legs and get stuff DONE.

Also, I believe Eleanor is saying "Mama."